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Part Type Distributors
Product Line Mallory Magnetic Breakerless Distributors
Part # MAA-5757701
UPC 769105067881
Computer-Controlled Compatible No
Trigger Style Magnetic
Advance Type Vacuum and mechanical
Cap Style Female/Socket
Mechanical Tach Drive No
Slip Collar No
Ignition Box Required No
Distributor Gear Rotation Standard
Distributor Cap Color Red
Housing Material Billet aluminum
Housing Finish Natural
Marine Use No
Quantity Sold individually.

General info[edit]

Distributor, Magnetic Pickup, Mechanical, Vacuum Advance, Chrysler, 350, 361, 383, 400, Each

For those of you looking for a magnetic breakerless racing distributor or high-performance street distributor, these from Mallory are a fine choice. Ideal for use with the HyFire series electronic ignitions, they use Mallory's proven magnetic pickup system for accurate spark delivery. Their compact design and simple 3-wire hookup allow you to install them on most any engine configuration. They come with self-lubricating bushings, a Super-Duty cap and rotor, and your choice of adjustable mechanical and/or vacuum advance. The distributors also come with a preset mechanical advance that can be adjusted for your specific application.

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