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Part Type Gauges, Digital
Product Line Bully Dog Watch Dog Monitors
Part # BLY-40402
UPC 681018404020
Gauge Style Bully Dog digital
Gauge Series Digital
Gauge Type Monitor
Shape Rectangular
Sending Unit Electrical
Gauge Face Color White
Gauge # Color Black
Bezel Finish Black
OEM Replacement No
Sending Unit Included No
Quantity Sold individually.
Notes Designed to fit 1996 and later vehicles with OBDII computers.

General info[edit]

Performance Module; Watch Dog Economy Monitor; Adjustable; Black; For OBDII

Bully Dog Watch Dog monitors use information that is gathered from the sensors that each vehicle is equipped with from the factory. Information is collected during operation in real time and the software then processes the information. As the information is processed, it is then used to serve as a driving coach, guiding the vehicle's driver to the most efficient, economical driving techniques in order to maximize fuel economy. For instance, if the driver of the vehicle is repeatedly waiting until the last minute to apply the brakes before coming to a stop, the software will recognize this and then advise the driver how they can improve their braking method and their fuel mileage. The Bully Dog Watch Dog monitors are designed for 1996 and later vehicles using OBDII computers. They will display a combination of any four parameters with over 20 different ones to choose from, depending on your vehicle. Additional features include: * Real time fuel economy * Average fuel economy * Trip fuel economy * Load * Coolant temperature * Fuel pressure (gasoline vehicles) * Fuel rail pressure (diesel vehicles) * Manifold absolute pressure * Engine rpm * Speed * Timing position * Air intake temperature * Mass airflow (grams/sec.) * Throttle position * Fuel level * Battery voltage * Ambient air temperature * Transmission temperature * Exhaust gas temperature * Boost * Injector pulse width * Barometer * Oil temperature * Injection control pressure for diesel monitoring functions * Setup wizard for your vehicle * Read and erase DTCs * Internet updateable * Easy-to-use touch buttons * Full 64-color LCD screen * Back light adjustable, daytime and nighttime driving modes * Performance tests for horsepower, torque, 0-60 times in seconds, eighth-mile times in seconds, and quarter-mile times in seconds

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